Best Defensive Base HQ 11 – Boom Beach

boom beach strategy hq 11
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Boom Beach Best Defensive Base for Headquarters 11

This channel is all about Clash of Clans and Boom Beach strategy, daily gameplay, army guide, troop compositions for attacking, defense bases, hybrid bases, farming bases, clan wars, upgrades, high level and low level raids and attack and much much more! I also do subscriber base reviews. I will and do review Town Hall 3, Town Hall 4, Town Hall 5, Town Hall 6, Town Hall 7, Town Hall 8, Town Hall 9, and Town Hall 10. For Boom Beach I will show you guys strategies for every HQ including Headquarters 1, Headquarters 2, Headquarters 3, Headquarters 4, Headquarters 5, Headquarters 6, Headquarters 7, Headquarters 8, Headquarters 9, Headquarters 10, Headquarters 11, Headquarters 12, Headquarters 13, Headquarters 14, Headquarters 15, Headquarters 16, Headquarters 17, Headquarters 18, Headquarters 19 and Headquarters 20.

I show strategies with all troops and different army comps for example: Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Wizards, Balloons, PEKKA or P.E.K.K.A., Dragons, Golems, Giants, Healers, Hog Riders, Witches, Minions and more to come! I also use the Barbarian King and very soon the Archer Quenen. I will also show Boom Beach strategies including Rifleman, Heavy, Zooka, Warriors, Tanks and Medics. Also attack strategies including Rifleman and Heavys, Heavy and Zooka attack strategies, Rifleman Heavy Zookas, Medic and Tanks, All warriors rush, warriors and smoke, warriors without smoke, all heavys strategies, all zooka attack strategies, all rifleman attack strategies, all tank strategies, heavy and medic attack strategies and MANY MORE!

Since spells are also available, I do like to use them when strategically helpful. My favorite is the lightning spell due to it being effecting against Clan Castle, Dark Elixir storage, and taking out splash defenses. I also love the Rage spell, Healing spell or Jump spell. In boom beach gun boat is the biggest help with attack strategies, my favorite so far is using the artillery and shock bomb. But barrage, flare, heal spell and smoke are fun to use!

So I am the new commentator on the block but I am here to stay! My name is Marcus, I am 25 years old and live in Beautiful Montana (U.S.) I work at a brewery/restaurant for a living and LOVE my job! I have a beautiful GF who has a beautiful Daughter. I own a Pitbull named Matona, she is the most loveable, adorable and smartest dog you will ever know! I love music, video games, hiking, playing with my dog, hanging out with my family and MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS! Now that you know a little about me, this is why I started a YouTube Channel! I am dedicated to be bringing you guys the best quality and content possible. I have been playing both of Supercells games Clash of Clans for almost a year and Boom Beach for about a month. I have been apart of the CoC and BB YouTube community for about a year on the viewing side of it. And one morning I got out of bed and decided to start making videos because I felt like I had something to bring to the table! So that’s where the brand EpicLifeGaming came into play. I know many tricks and tips that have helped me get to a high leveled TH 8 in CoC and am the LEADER of a very successful clan called sdrawkcab ssa (ass backwards spelt backwards) So I hope to keep getting better and better with EVERY video! So please subscribe and get the latest and greatest updates on both of Supercells games! I appreciate every like, subscribe down to every VIEW! It makes my day to just see 1 more view on one of my videos! Thank you guys! And I hope you guys enjoy my videos!
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Boom Beach All Tanks Attack Strategy

Playing Supercells Boom Beach, showing off my all tank attack strategy!

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In this episode I show you a better HQ LVL 11 Base.
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  1. Hey there! I've just made this base layout. I hope it will defend my Hq in the next enemy attacks. Thanks man. Ive been experimenting many base layouts i'll try this one and see how it will work. I have hq 11 but snipers only 9. Sad

  2. For your next time-lapse, use this song: < =".youtube/watch?v=i78U3VEAwK8&feature=kp">Uppermost – Flashback

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