Cách hack the sims freeplay

the sim freeplay bản hack full
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Cách hack the sims freeplay

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Game này mình mod nhé các bạn,bạn nào muốn tải thì qua video “đã cài mod” mà xem link tải.BYE BYE!!!
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*Clip Sẽ Hướng Dẫn Các Bạn Có thể xây dựng nhà trong game vượt mức giới hạn EA cho phép là 5 tầng.
Yêu cầu:
+Máy đã Root
+ App SP Game Hacker http://appvn.com/a/details?id=org.sbtools.gamehack
+ The Sim Free Play( Không có sao Hack hii)
Thông Tin Vid:
+Nguồn: ÁnhPhụng Nguyễn
+Video: For Me

*Các Clip Hướng Dẫn Hack Khác Của Huy:
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The Sims FreePlay Hack Cheats - Click HERE!

The Sims Freeplay|🏠How to have diagonal Furnitures🏠|

sims freeplay tricks hobby gate
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Hey Simmers!
Today i want to show you how you can have diagonal furnitures-it works for indoor and outdoor objects!

⚠NOTE⚠: It will only work if you have the pool cleaner. You can buy this in the Online-Store.

Step 1: Build a (little) room in the cellar.
Step 2: Build a pool.
Step 3: When you want a diagonal indoor furniture, use the indoor-glitch, when you want a diagonal outdoor furniture, use the patio glitch. These both glitches are in my channel.
Step 4: Buy 3-5 pool cleaners.
Step 5: Now the most important step: the green indicators of the pool cleaner must point upwards. This is the right position. Otherwise it will not work. If the cleaner in a wrong position, buy a new pool cleaner and wait until one of the pool cleaners are in the right postion.

Step 6: Click on the pool cleaner, go to the cellar and than again to the 1st floor and click directly to your choosing object. If you did everything right, the object is now diagonal.

This Glitch is a bit complicated, but it is doable.

Hope this will work for you!
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i got the health hub SIM freeplay

sims freeplay aerobics hobby glitch
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Sul Sul!

Get out your gardening gloves Simmers, it’s time to put some love into your Sims backyards! After all that hard work, your Sims will need to truly relax, so we have brought back a very highly requested Live Event!

Style your own Brilliant Backyard with an all-new Live Event, where you can unlock the latest outdoor items to make your Sims’ garden areas lusher than ever. Curate your space with plants, planter boxes, birdhouses, a lavish water feature, or unlock the ultimate prize – a Brilliant Backyard House!

Play the Fashion Designer Hobby Event and show off some fresh fall styles with all-new stockings for your Sims. Add a variety of colorful and patterned stocking styles to your adult female Sims’ outfits, or go for a sheer look to highlight their skin colors and tattoos

Plus, treat your Sims by revisiting the Day Spa Live Event, or trick them with our favorite Halloween Seasonal Quests.

Event Dates (All dates in AEST):

● Brilliant Backyards Live Event: 9-day event starting October 16

● Prom Hobby Event: 7-day optional event available from October 16

● Night of the Candy Monsters Event: 9-day optional event available from October 16

● Ghost Flustered Seasonal Quest (Re-run): 9-day event available from October 23

● Stockings Hobby Event: 7-day event starting October 24

● Day Spa Live Event: 12-day event starting November 4

● Teen Life Event: 7-day optional event starting November 5

● Time Capsule Seasonal Quest Re-Run: 6-day event available from November 16

● Groovers N Movers – Aerobics Hobby Event (Re-run): 7-day event starting November 20

● Laundry Event (Re-run): 5-day event starting November 24
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