Boom Beach New War Ships Update Walkthrough Warships Gameplay Tips & Tricks Guide Part 1 Battleships

boom beach tips und tricks
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Welcome to the 1st of my new walkthrough guide for the Boom Beach update called Warships, a PvP strategy game inside the normal Boom Beach game, i am using my maxed out level 65 base, and when you are maxed out there isn’t much to do and not much point in logging in to play, so a lot of people have abandoned the game,

My Boom Beach Playlist,

My maxed out base means all the Tech Tree engine rooms are unlocked,

Tips & Tricks as i learn them,

My base is changing all the time, if you want to copy it, go ahead it might help you,

These tips may change if Supercell decide to buff of nerf parts of the game in this new update if they find balancing problems,

Most importantly you have to take out the other players base as soon as you can,

If you do it before them you win, but it isn’t as simple as that,

You need to take out all their engine rooms on the base as fast as possible, whoever has the most remaining time on the clock wins,

but if you don’t manage to do that the game calculates who did the most damage or took out the most engine rooms in the fastest time and that player wins,

Very rarely is it a tie, i have won by 1 second in close battles,

The safest way to attack the other base is in a wave with zooka behind bullet sponging heavies, but,

This is also the slowest way and i found i lost most of the battles this way it just takes to long, i upgraded to the flare and as soon as it is safe i flare them onto the engine room,

You lose alot more troops that way but i have beaten other players by 30 seconds or more,

It might be the other player is an ai robot and it can’t be flared to the engine rooms,

Flaring to the engine rooms with zookas will get them all killed as you haven’t removed all the defences, this is why i don’t use zookas,

I will go through my whole Tech Tree soon,

Sorry for the strange start to this video i did make an intro but it got separated and it turns out you can’t join 2 separate videos in You Tube video editor,

So i just cut the first 2 minutes out of this video and started straight at the part where i have finished a rough base design, it will be evolving as we go,

If you have any question please ask in the comments below,

This new update only dropped on Monday the 15th Of March 2019,

This video shows part 1, i will be doing more videos as regularly as i can, but i am learning as i go,

Thanks for watching it is much appreciated.

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