Boom Beach Dr. T. Unboosted Gameplay Tmed Walkthrough for Sept. 13, 2018

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A guide on how to take down Dr. T. stages 1-7 with T-med.

Stage 1: 0:00
Stage 2: 0:44
Stage 3: 1:34
Stage 4: 2:28
Stage 5: 3:38
Stage 6: 6:27
Stage 7: 9:33

Boom Beach is a beautifully nuanced tower defense/attack strategy game where you can pit your skills against other players and NPCs. Manage your base and use your resources to fuel your army as you try to defend innocent natives against the evil Blackguard.

Troop info:

Riflemen – lvl 13
Heavy – Max
Zooka – Max
Warrior – Max
Tank – Max
Medic – Max
Grens – lvl 6
Scorcher – Max
Cryoneer – lvl 1

Gun Boat Abilities:

Artillery – Max
Barrage – Max
Medkit – Max
Critters – Max
Flare – Max
Shock Bomb – Max
Smoke Screen – Max


GBE – 37+16+16
TD – 25+12
TH – 34

I”m back at it again pushing the limits and reaching new highs. Yes, the push-to-the leaderboard series continues. Stay with me on this journey as I patiently build, save, and attack my way to the top. Also, I’m giving a pokemon Legacy Evolution card/pin pack away (valued at ) to one lucky sub if I can get 100 likes on this video. If it happens, I’ll explain the drawing in upcoming videos. So SMASH that LIKE button! Have your friends SMASH it too! Enjoy friends!
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19 thoughts to “Boom Beach Dr. T. Unboosted Gameplay Tmed Walkthrough for Sept. 13, 2018”

  1. I would love to know all your stats. What level your troops are? The statues you have and the boost they provide? Do you have that info on a webpage or in a past video?

  2. nice vid beardaholic, but i want to ask you is this formation is good to attack ((1 scorcher lvl 1 / 6 tanks lvl 7 / 27 zooka lvl 15)).

  3. Great video op! Pretty sure Josh Vanguard wasn't loved enough as a child. I'm always amazed at people spreading negativity. Very sad. Keep up the great work op!

  4. One tiny hint …… destroy rocket when u gonna park in its blindspot anyway. Cmon bro use your noodle. Nooo, good players loose troops no matter what! 😂😂😂

  5. Dude if your plan is to make laughable attacks like the chicken then your on point. I certainly laugh my balls off watching your fails. Sorry if i hurt your feelings with my comments. i feel its needed to bring u back to reality, cause u make it sound like u might know what u doing but really u . < =".youtube/results?search_query=%23EpicOpDestroyFails">#EpicOpDestroyFails for the lols.

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