Clash of Clans | Clash Royale | Boom Beach | Hay Day | Online live Gameplay [20180724]

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Live gameplay of Supercell’s online multiplayer games Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and Hay Day in HD quality. Played by and friends.
Join, give tips in real time and follow the progress of the clans, decks, villages, islands and farms. See proven tricks, hear live commentary and enjoy the gameplay. Everyone is invited in the live chat. No swearing, only pure gaming. See yourself in the stream – how you play, your wins and who beat you with replay possibilities.

To join the official Hirudov team Clash of Clans clan, search for #Y88GR808 code, say thanks to Philip William.
To join the Clash Royale clan, search for House Corrino #R2L20G code.
To join the official Hirudov team Boom Beach task force, search for #80YGGVG9 code, in cooperation with Philip William.
The join the official Hirudov team Hay Day neighborhood , search for #2UV9UVQ8 – Hirudov team.

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Feel free to discuss the games Clash of Clans and Hirudov Team clan on the official clan’s forum at

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The first in our beginner series of tackling Task Force operations. Join us at

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