GSM Update 4/16/18 – Blizzard Sets Snow Records – Mississippi Tornado – Claude Blots Energy

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Massive storm system sweeps through US, at least 3 deaths reported
Snow, Bitter Cold Turn Spring Into Winter in Some Parts of US
Storms unleash tornadoes in U.S. east, record snow in Midwest
Blizzard sets snow records across Wisconsin, shuts down roads, power, church services
April blizzard sets snowfall records in Minneapolis, Green Bay
Pierre sees record snow, cold in weekend blizzard
Ice-out shaping up to be late: Brutally cold April will impact May fishing opener
Ashwaubenon hotel roof collapses in snowstorm
Powerful Spring Storm Continues Moving East on Monday
Cold Front Severely Damages Fruit Trees in Northern China
Magnitude 3.1 earthquake strikes near Silverton
Claude Blots Energy Transmigration Earthquakes
Climate Change: Climatologists Warn of Catastrophic Gulf Stream Collapse
Current Surface Mass Budget of the Greenland Ice Sheet
March for Politically Correct Science flops โ€“ almost no one turns up
A Sunspot from Cycle 25 for sure
Prediction of Solar Cycle 25
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Garden Tower 2: 50-Plant Composting Container Garden
Weapons Of Mass Deception

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20 thoughts to “GSM Update 4/16/18 – Blizzard Sets Snow Records – Mississippi Tornado – Claude Blots Energy”

  1. It seems to me that winters are starting later and ending later. I remember when that in Ohio it would start snowing in November in Ohio and stop in March. The temperatures in April would be 60-70s and in May 70-80s. Something shifted over the past 50 years.

  2. Yesterday, in Soda Springs, ID where I live, we had a 26 degree swing in temperature. It went from 50F and sunny to 19F and snowing in just a couple of hours. Just further proof this Grand Solar Minimum we are in is becoming worst than everyone thought.

    It's getting to that SHTF point. If you 't get a Greenhouse heated by a rocket stove and just heated by power to grow food and raise some fish and rabbits, you are going to strave to death.

    There's no logical way the Government's and farm's of the world can keep up with all these crop losses and still feed everyone.

    This coming winter into 2019 is going to be the WTF moment for a lot of sheep out there! We are going to see just how unprepared our Government's are.

  3. I got a kick out of that roof thing! The same thing with a roof collapse happened in DC in 1922. It was the Knickerbocker Snowstorm! The Knickerbocker Theater Collapsed and it was due to the weather… Al Gore anus dust or an engineering fail…Diamond buddy- the world gets dumber and dumber with each generation

  4. thanks for the link to the alcohol stove. saw them on youtube years ago but now I see a purpose for them and a vehicle to connect with a grandchild by making some together.

  5. Wow.!"Just the beginning",that must be an understatement of the century.Hunker down,I think we're going to experience things that we've only read about in drama- adventure-action- suspense,stories.๐Ÿ˜ฒ Take it easy on the Santa Claus joke,๐ŸŽ… The guy that is standing next to the guy that ate his retirement. Teehee..๐Ÿ™Œ I think he's my brother..Some North Pole, Christmas in April, words of wisdom.."Watch out where the Huskies go, 't you eat that yellow-iron-oxide-red snow" peace be to all.. you're a riot.! Peace out.

  6. People we have to stop this geoengineering of our weather look at your skies watch Airplanes spray you watch their chemical spread blocking the sun changing our weather it's for the good of humanity.. The radical weather will destroy homes displacing people into FEMA camps. Research the Georgia Guidestones erected outside or nearby Atlanta Georgia in 85 different languages with a message of depopulation of the human race. March on Washington DC and demand that the geoengineering of our weather stop immediately!! โš“

  7. The mercury news:

    Earthquake, hail, fierce rain rattle Bay Area โ€” but, nope, thereโ€™s no link

    โ€œIt was snowing and hailing, with thunder, then there was an earthquake. It felt like a big jerk, rolling,โ€ said Angel Barlow, park services attendant at Joseph D. Grant County Park, in the hills east of San Jose. โ€œIt was a landslide of weather!โ€โ€˜

  8. Weather Channel at 755pm 4/16/18. Stated this cold is a fluke and still reinforced7 the premise of global warming across all 3 metereologists on the screen. They stated with a graphic indicating the rest of the world increased in temp +.5c This is 180 degrees direct opposite of what you have proven here.

  9. Diamond – I remember watching something on tsunamis some years ago and the mentioned the island of La Palma in the Canary Island chain. In the episode, they state that part of the island could collapse into the ocean with potentially serious effects. All of the research I have found states that only small collapses have occurred in the past and that the chances of a potential major collapse of half the island are inconclusive and a matter of debate. Based upon your knowledge, do you think it is out of the question that volcanic activity or a strong enough earthquake could cause a collapse to occur considering the more numerous and stronger volcanic and earthquake activity due to increased cosmic rays from the Earth's weakening magnetic field?

    A little background – I tend to game out what-ifs and try to estimate what may occur and what, if anything, could be done and how I need to plan and react. No matter how likely or unlikely, I still try to envision what could occur. La Palma came to mind with all of the discussion of cosmoc ray flux, increased volcanic activity, and more numerous earthquakes.

  10. Always nice here near Acapulco, but to hot, now, for the last 4 months its been 10 degrees cooler, to cold? come down to live in Mexico.

  11. Thank you for the invaluable info you provide daily. Wow, the Arizona penny can alcohol stove, will definitely look into it! I love how you infuse such critical information with humor! Thank you for being genuinely YOU

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