GTA 5 Fun JETS Live Stream – Base Attack Live Stream – GTA Cheats, Money, Jets, Bank

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Dave and Simon are back in GTA 5, to see if they can use the cheats to trip up the game. Cheat Instructions here:
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Video Rating: / 5

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40 thoughts to “GTA 5 Fun JETS Live Stream – Base Attack Live Stream – GTA Cheats, Money, Jets, Bank”

  1. I have just realized something. Everyone in the comments is dissing how bad consoles are (I 't agree, but…) because there stupid ass PCs have no decent games to play so they come on to youtube to watch a console playing one of the best games around at the moment. If your PCs are so great, why come here to hate? Go play on your EPIC games and ORGASMIC graphics…

  2. It's about being lazy.
    There are limits to what they can do.
    Too much stuff between the game and the hardware to make full use of it.
    None of these problems exist on the consoles.
    Oh and no innovation is being held back, you 't need graphics to innovate.

  3. the one thing thats holding pc graphics innovation back is consoles their hardware is so compared to pc now and the performance is bettar on xbox for some games because developers are lazy or have time to optimize it for pc

  4. Haha Wii U fanboys talking about a port, the Wii U's a piece of incapable of running most games on PC/PS3/Xbox360. For a comparison, the Wii U's processor is half as fast as the PS3's and the Xbox360's and it came out 8 years after.

  5. Spawn about 100+ comets (easiest vehicle cheat to enter) Also equip a melee weapon so you 't fire a gun and attract the police more. The more you spawn they will start bouncing in place. My game finally froze

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