How to get free simoleons on simsfreeplay 2019(tourorial in discription)

sims freeplay simoleon sprout glitch
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Hey this is how to get simoleons,if this doesn’t work it’s probably an update or you did something wrong (how to do it | )
1)make a 3×3 room
2)place shade wall lamp (one outside one inside
3)go to room and drag the wall then press the x button (lamp should go red)
4)place a crib under light(don’t have one in inventory if so make sure there is only one in there)
5)place a door and put a baby in the crib
6)get rid of adult sim
7)go to build mode and put crib next to door then press the green arrow so the crib will go red
8)go to room and move wall up then press x again
9)go to inventory and lots of cribs should be there and you can sell them (don’t put the crib you glitched in inventory or it will go to one again,just sell it)
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Sims FreePlay glitch?!

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