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Mod by PeterTheHacker ,Barak101 & OkaymanXXI & evilmaginakuma , Method, Julionib
OpenIV ►

Savitar CW ►

Reverse Flash New 52 ►

CW Black Flash ►

CW Kid Flash ►

FlashExtended ►

Flash Script ►

AddonPeds ►

ScripthookV ►


Lua Plugin ►

Nativeui ►

Ctrl+N – Show mods menu
-Ctrl – Toggle walk mode (disable/enable the super speed)
-Hold E to show attack mode selection or press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to select one attack mode directly (numbers close to QWER keys)
-Press E to perform the attack
-Left mouse button – Normal melee attacks when not moving or Supersonic punch when moving
-Space – Jump (when moving)
-R – Disarm targeted ped, a text will appear in right bottom corner indicating when the ped is close and in the desired area.
-F – Hijack vehicles, a text will appear in right bottom corner indicating when the vehicle is close and in the desired area, for helicopters and airplanes flying the distance is bigger.
-Hold aim to make a forced slow motion mode
T: Grab/let go peds
B: Snap neck of closest person (max 2meters range)
G: Instantly leave vehicles
K: Throw grabbed peds, works in slow motion.
H: Toggle “Wind Blast”. You can now change wind blast direction when in flash run mode.
J: Toggle phasing.

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Song: Foria – Break Away [NCS Release] ]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Santa Clause is coming to Los Santos! This modification enables snow and christmas weather for the singleplayer in Los Santos.

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v. 2.1. (Hotfix):
-Snowmod now uses GTA’s internal vehicle/ped snow track material applying. Snow tracks are now the same(handling, vehicle sounds etc.) as in GTA:O. (as it directly applys on the peds/vehicle underlaying terrain material).
-Fixed vehicle handling bugs(top speed etc. modified) – if any problems with handling appear, it’s the default snow handling! If you have any handling mod installed, contact the author of the handling mod to implement snow handling.
-Fixed vehicle wheels (mostly front right) disappear randomly.
-Implemented .cfg parser, you can modify the snow track type of vehicles/peds and enable/disable them. Also you can set your prefered enable/disable key now. Read the snow.cfg for more info.
-Changed primary key from NUMPAD 7 to NUMBER 0 (Not on numpad anymore) – (For our notebook – non numkeypad users)
-No snow tyre track and ped foot track on interiors(tunnels, aparments etc.) anymore.

v. 2.0.:
-Entities(Vehicles, Peds etc.) have now tracks on the snow.
-You can change the weather to whatever you want, snow will stay if enabled.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of ScriptHook V by Alexander Blade installed.
2. Extract the .asi file “gtamp-snow-mod_v2_1.asi” of “” into your Grand Theft Auto 5 directory

How to use:
Activate/Deactive simply by pressing NUMBER 0 (above O/P) key.


CREDITS: GTAMultiplayer Team
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GTA San Andreas – Secret Armored Thanos Cheat Code [ALL ABILITIES]
In today’s video I will be showcasing armored Thanos with all his infinity stones abilities including, power stone, mind stone, reality stone, time stone, space stone, soul stone & snap fingers!
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Mod credit : In45do
Thanos Powers Mod download :
Armored Thanos Skin (Endgame Thanos) :

How to install Thanos mod :
1. Make sure you have CLEO 4.3 installed inside your GTA SA directory
2. Put thanos.ini, thanos.cs, and stone_light.cs into your cleo folder
3. Use IMG Tools to replace pool_blsx.txd inside your gta3.img (Or just use Modloader for simple way)
4. Use IMG Tools to add thanos.txd and thanos.dff inside your gta3.img (Or just use Modloader for simple way)
5. Rebuild archive if you use IMG Tools

How to play :
1. Dont hold any weapons and type THANOS to activate the mod
2. Use press button from 1-6 to activate and deactivate each stone respectively
3. To use certain skill, press X for skill 1, press R for skill 2, and press B for skill 3
4. Look at the list below for each stone’s power
5. To activate the snap fingers, press 0
6. Type THANOS again to deactivate the mod
7. When your player die or busted, it will deactivate the mod automatically

Abilities of Infinity Stones
[Power Stone]
– Left hand will glowing purple
– You are immune almost to everything in Power Stone state
– Jumping is automatically higher than usual
– Running will be much faster (Credit goes to The Eddo)
– You will have super punch automatically (Credit goes to GTAmoders8569 aka StephenOng)
– Press X to force your player upward
– While in the air, press R to slam into the ground

[Space Stone]
– Left hand will glowing blue
– Press R to become intangible (there will be smoke around the player if you are intangible)
– While intangible you are phasing through everything around you, also can use other skill below
– Press B to pull 10 meteors in front of you (recommended to use intangible before using this)
– Before opening a portal, set your marker on the map
– Press X to open a portal, everything that goes into the portal will be teleported into the marker

[Reality Stone]
– Left hand will glowing red
– Press X to turn pedestrian or cars into solid rock
– Press R to turn pedestrian or cars into water state

[Soul Stone]
– Left hand will glowing orange
– Press X to steal the life source from nearest pedestrian

[Time Stone]
– Left hand will glowing green
– Press X to turn nearest pedestrian into an old man or old woman
– It takes one punch to end them, although you can press X again to kill them
– Press R to travel through time

[Mind Stone]
– Left hand will glowing yellow
– Right click or aim at pedestrian and press X
– They will follow you everywhere, aim at the same person and press X again to release them
– Or aim at another pedestrian and press X to make them fight each other

[Snap Fingers]
– Left hand will glowing white
– You are immune almost to everything
– It gives your player full health and armour
– Almost everything around the player will be disintegrated for 20 seconds

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My videos are purely for entertainment purposes.
– I record all game play footage from scratch 🙂
as always… hope you enjoy & totally demolish that thumbs up button 😉

Madd Smoke
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  1. Thanks for the good video. I spent all my weekend downloading and installing this game and the mods. I everything exactly like you said but when i press ctrl+n the menu 't pop up?
    Thanks in advance for helping 🙂

  2. the costumes work for me, I went to the flash menu and clicked a suit, everything except the suit worked, so i went to ped menu and clicked blackflash and it said "Error: (Blackflash) was found on peds.rpf but its in the rpf and the addonpeds editor, please help

  3. Hi That Game Tamer, I installed everything, the skin works, but the fast run isn't working, I just run normally, any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

  4. i missed the snow due to pc problems now id like to mod the snow into single player i have the REAL game retail dvd version torrent or anything yet it says its compatible with this version of gta 5 do i really have to wait 350 days to see the snow? 🙁

  5. It tells me that the snow mod is compatible with this version of GTA #5 (I am using the latest version). Any help? Please update the mod as well

  6. Dude, could you maybe help me with this: <="i.imgur/wj1gyBG.jpg">i.imgur/wj1gyBG.jpg ? It always works, but the snow itself 't show up. I just get the footprints, tire traces and snowflakes. more. I have the newest ScriptHook and Version of the Mod.

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