James Plays ABZÛ #1 – The 5K Challenge

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James plays Abzû in the first episode of the 5K challenge! Help this video get to 1K views to get an extra episode of this game! Find out more on our website: https://www.gamefront.com/games/gamingtoday/article/will-you-take-james-heaney-s-5k-challenge

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19 thoughts to “James Plays ABZÛ #1 – The 5K Challenge”

  1. James, if you wanna get views and get the Game Front ball rolling again, lets be honest with ourselves, all you gotta do is play Dark Souls Remastered or finish one of the Dark Souls series you started on the Adventure Bits channel but never finished lol

  2. I agree with the others. I feel like GameFront really became popular with the Dark Souls franchise. I think if people found out GameFront was doing a Dark Souls Remastered or Dark Souls 3 or even a Bloodborne Expert Walkthrough, word would spread and with YouTube’s algorithms you need views to get more views. Just my two cents!

  3. I like the idea of this challenge, but this was the wrong game for it. Please 't let a bad game choice derail a series of potentially great videos! Like someone below predictably suggested, a Dark Souls 3 walkthrough would pull in a whooooole lot more than 1k views =D

  4. I love that GameFront is trying to get back into YT gaming videos and James on top of it, but… I 't really like the format.
    Personally, I much more prefer the "Lets Play" type video series and with the World yet to witness James beating Dark Souls 3 – it might be worth a try.
    to mention, James and Mitch Dark Souls videos is what brought me to GameFront channel in the first place.

  5. Happy to see James doing more stuff.

    Gamefront accompanied me through middle school, and I've really missed it.

    I'd have rather waited until college to get it back, but i'm okay as long as it's here.

  6. I'm still waiting for my Dark Souls 3 expert walkthrough! I'm so glad to see you back, James. I hope this takes off. I never thought I'd resub to Gamefront, but here we are.

  7. Problem with these games is that they are goalless so there's much point in playing them more than once. Really would like to see you play an RPG of some sort in order to be able to turn it into a long-running series which has continuity.

    That said, I will support this endeavor and will watch anything you release in the hope that something catches on. Good luck, James

  8. you should check out monsterhunter, id love to see you experience monster hunter. Monster hunter world is welcome to newcomers and monster hunter generations is a hard oldschool game that people are exploring now ~

  9. You see, the problem is:
    The channel has been dead for a billion years now…
    And only the HARDCORE fans (myself) are going to check it out.
    To be completely honest,
    You guys are kind of starting from scratch again…
    I was still in highschool when the original team was still together.
    Im old as now lol
    As a side note,
    Thank you SO MUCH james for the amazing birthday gift <3

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