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Here’s a few tips / tricks Clash of Clans for Android and no doubt will make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca recommend that you try to play without making use of them to get the most juice to the gaming experience, although you may be very helpful for certain achievements. Anyway as always … you choose to.

Get free gems:

When you buy something at the store and need to get gems, click Add gems on the plus sign next to the number of stones you have. Cancels and do 2 more times. After going to the store and buy something, click on the gems and have free gems.

Clash of clans:

There are people trying to hack or exploit the game in order to get free gems, but Supercell are relatively generous in that respect. Reward you with gems by cleaning obstacles in its base and complete Achievements.

Save the elixir when we are offline:

To save the elixir where it is not possible to obtain large quantities. You just make sure the fields are filled and then fill their headquarters bombers. You can get offline 100,000 instead of 300,000 elixir. Back then download the barracks and receive all your elixir again.

More space:

If you have a little time invested some improvement and you put in a valid location and have more room for other things.

Get free elixir:

This trick only works when you have less than 30 seconds to complete a troop and update an entire army. Before thirty seconds to get the troops go to update. Please, before you do this, make sure you have a full army. After the update ends and get free Elixir.

Black Elixir

The Black Elixir appears and Elixir Black troops were introduced with its dark barracks. At higher levels of improvements troops makes the extraction of Elixir Black very important and its protection is essential.

If sales can not win, but if you leave them

Clash of Clans is approaching its first birthday, there are some who simply were not strong enough to continue in the game. But do not let those who stopped playing outside, it’s actually super fun to attack them! Spots abandoned villages is actually one of the most important strategies of the game. Some tips are pretty obvious, but others are much more subtle. Learn to all and should be good at finding these towns during your inspection time, your 30 seconds. What to look for:

Headstones cut – Tombstones:

They show you that someone else has already pierced the base, which is a good sign that the traps have also appeared.

– League Badge:

Any person who has at least the current League triumph two weeks will Badge League. You can say that when a new league starts, because your own logo League will become white with a dotted line. Spent a few days in a league, if you encounter league clashers without logo, it means they are not attacking. That’s a good sign that they are not active.

– Builders to sleep:

Clash of Clans is all about updates. Since this is a central aspect of the game, it is rare to find an active player who has no constructors occupied all the time. Look for the “zzz” above builders cabins. If all of them are sleeping, chances are that the boss is gone long ago.

– The gold mine:

I learned this recently, and really makes a big difference. If you look closely in graph gold mine, you can see a small bin just the right point in the cart out of the mine. This point in reality indicates how much gold is in mine or similar to visual indicator in the stores. Gold Mines top level take a long time to fill (for level 8 it takes more than one day). Therefore, if you see golden cubes full or almost full means that people are probably abandoned. In the first image the mine is full, the second is empty.

So he has left, so what? Abandoned villages are much easier to attack. The value shown on the top left of “stealable” resources most likely this entirely in the collectors, which are generally much easier to achieve.

Inactivity Timeout and device configuration

When your shield is down and you’re away from your people, the plunder of your people can be quick and brutal. There are many different defense strategies for Clash of Clans but none compare to be simply connected. But there’s a catch – the timeout of your device. Normally, rapid time waiting is a good thing – it saves battery life, which is good for the phone and stuff.

In Clash of Clans timeout device is more like the moment before heading out to a cornfield running back and with their pants down. Set up your phone with a timeout of 5 minutes or more, and get the full benefit of maximum idle time that SuperCell allowed. Beyond five minutes you’ll get a message that requires reloading the game. Note also that this tactic will drain the battery quickly.

Save resources: warehouses vs mines

To the extent you have more experience in attack and defend, it makes sense to learn the math behind how many resources are vulnerable.

Only 20% gold / Elixir kept in warehouses can be stolen by assault, this compares with 50% of the gold / Elixir stored in the mines. Similarly, only 5% of Dark Elixir stored in the dark Elixir storage can be stolen, compared to 75% of Dark Elixir stored in the holes.

Resource Collector Caps: Gold / Elixir kept in warehouses is capped 198K resource that can be stolen by assault. Collectors do not have this limit. Similarly, the dark storage Elixir 2k has a dark cover and Elixir has no such limit Drill.

This means that every time you visit your people and move resources to their stores, are greatly increasing the percentage that is safe. This makes it a good idea to empty all collectors when the shield is about to run out, even if you really do not have time to attack. Given these percentages can also help you analyze the villages to attack, especially from the point of view “Revenge” where you have lots of time and you can see the actual quantities in each store.


For many, the XBOW can be an intimidating defense. Shoot fast and has a great variety, it can really destroy an attacking force. One of the keys to a lot of strategies Clash of Clans is only to know when your opponent is weak, and the XBOW SuperCell offers two great visual clues.

XBOW empty:

When you see a XBOW no “chain” are empty. Any other head wear with arrows on the face and private areas. Empty XBows no threat at all, but note that giant balloons will address them.

XBOW angle:

The XBOW has two values, and either can be oriented to hit both land and air targets, or set “Level” to attack only ground troops. When in the position of “level” can not attack air targets at all. This means that the Dragons, balloons, subordinate, and healers have nothing to fear. When you have a ligerament angle range is also reduced, both by land and air, but no less significant.

Remaining Value Shield

Shields play an important role in the game, and if you want to invite agriculture attackers to take a free star and give protection 12 hours, leaving the town hall in the cold as we have previously recommended. The shields are great because you get a lot timeframe for the mines could accumulate some money without the constant bombardment of the attackers, but the more you play, the more times you find yourself asking “Should I leave my remaining time of the shield or attack ? ”

The answer comes down to how to upgrade your collectors are, and how long have shield. As you can see, even with six fully updated collectors, you do not stand to make a lot even with a full 16 hours shield. With a little luck, you may do the same amount of resources with some consecutive raids. This is especially true when less than 8 hours is kept on his shield, as it is about what you can acquire a good raid. Another proof that expose the Ayuntamiento is the way to go to get many resources.


This is a fairly simple trick that most veterans know. The barracks and headquarters Negros allowing troops queued for training, up to a maximum depends on your level of renovation. Besides being a way to hide the resources (as mentioned above in the dark Elixir Bank), this also serves as a time saver when you are away from their village. It is particularly useful in two scenarios.

– The top of the queue: Certain units like Dragons and PEKKA to have a fairly long time. If you are in the queue, then the troops on top of the queue will process your waiting time, even if you do not have space for it.

– 3 minutes of training: Every time attack, the battle can last up to 3 minutes (plus the second period of 30 inspections). If you have enough troops queued, they can be continuously be training all this time in the background. That’s more than 30 soldiers who are ready and waiting when you come back, especially if the troops Elixir Negras are included. Maintain full tail as raid reduce the waiting time before his next attack, sometimes to zero if only a few troops used.


SuperCell Tesla decided that no longer produces a “keepout” onde dropping troops. This means that if the walls or other buildings not sufficiently placed near them, opponents can drop the troops directly above them. It is very important to keep this in mind when you are moving Teslas or placing first. If you happen to get lucky to find a place these on the basis of his opponent, consider leaving some troops distraction around the perimeter before entering the belly of the beast. Concentrated fire from four directions can quickly remove even a considerable force, so some scapegoats abroad can go a long way.

Attracting mobile defenses

When an opponent attacking troops Castle clans and heroes (in particular the Queen goalkeeper) can bring some serious damage to their voracious predators. What makes it worse is normally found with them when you’re in the midst of a barrage of several defensive buildings, and calls attention to his troops whenever attacks. The solution: keep them away with some troops. At the beginning of a battle still falling a troop of attracting the attention of Phones troops, until you have away from the defenses, then place a horde and let have it. Alternatively, you can speed up the process by using a ray spell on them once they are grouped (always worth the cost you ~ 20K). With this approach you can save some big losses, and comes with the satisfaction that has wiped troops opposing clan castle and called his heroes out of service (especially cruel if you avoid giving a shield).

Quebra Walls

Since version 3.54, the Quebra walls have behaved differently. You could say that behave more intelligently than before, so as not attack the “single wall” used to be a common motif in base level. While there have certainly improved, there is still exploitable weaknesses in them. In particular, focus on building fully closed (or in some cases “mostly closed”) nearby. Like other troops, this means you can keep them away from valuable targets by placing fictitious goals

The cheapest way to do this is by enclosing the building constructor near other valuable buildings. The walls can play a very important role survive an attack. At least, this trick will cost her attacker a few thousand elixir, but the strength of the wall time and saving can be enough to ensure victory.

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