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Hey Everyone In This Video I Will Be Showing You How To Complete The First Day Of The New Hearth Of Stone Quest ( LIVE NOW IN GAME ) If You Have Any Questions Make Sure To Let Me Know In The Comments, Me Or My Subscribers Will Help You To The Best Of Our Ability.

If I see Name Calling ( Rudeness Towards Me Oe My Subscribers ) , Inappropriate Language You, Inappropriate Behavior , You Will Be Blocked IMMEDIATELY..

This Channel Is Not Intended For Young Children Under The Age Of 13, I Can Not Stop You From Watching, All Is Welcome, But I Must Now Be Obligated To Warn You Due To Changes In YouTube Law With The FTC COPPA AGREEMENT!!

● New! Hearth of Stone (Christmas Quest 2019) – 13 day Quest, running between Dec 12th and Dec 24th

● Christmas Lake House Tour: Coming Soon

● New! Maternity Pack 9 – Start and complete a Pregnancy Event between Dec 25th and Jan 5th: Coming Soon

● New! Glam Mansion live event – 9 day event, running between Jan 8th and Jan 21st: Coming Soon

● Glam Mansion Tour: Coming Soon

● New! SimChase Season 9: Mansion Mania! – 9 day event, running between Jan 22nd and Jan 27th: Coming Soon

Re – Runs

● * Mean Curls hobby event (Long Hair v3 re-run) – 9 day event, running between Jan 2nd and Jan 10th
● * Inner Child’s Play quest (re-run) – 7 day quest, available between Jan 6th and Jan 19th
● * SimsFreePlay 8th Birthday gift available for the duration of the update, strictly one per player
● * Daily XMAS Gifts – one per day, running between Dec 6th and Dec 11th


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The Sims FreePlay Hack Cheats - Click HERE!

13 thoughts to “The Sims FreePlay – Hearth Of Stone Quest Day 1 Full Walkthrough | XCultureSimsX”

  1. Hi thank you for making this video. I finish the quest and I’m about to build the lake house however, how do I make it stop snowing???? It was cute in the beginning but it annoys me now lol. I can change it per house but how can I change it everywhere…
    Thank you! 🙏🏼

  2. Its crazy how people still play this game its been 7 yearx since ive been plzying sims but ive never tgought thT peoplwaould still play thiz in 2019-2020

  3. +XCulture SimsX; Hi I was having that sane problem with placing christmas decorations what do I need to go in order for it to accept it; cause I've already placed four Christmas decorations in a home & it 't accept it; do I need to be in the decorations tab/outdoor decorations tab; please help asap. Tfs

  4. Hi Guys Today TuTuApp Got Revoke Please Delete The TuTuApp And Download It Again If This ’ You Had To Wait 1 to 2 Hour Sorry D:

  5. Hi , To Viewer Make Sure You Download the Regular (No Hack) First , Before You Download The hack Sims Mobile If You Download The Hack Sims Mobile First You Will be stuck at the cafe Shop So Do The Regular (No Hack) Sims And Do the cafe Job After You Done The Cafe Job Delete it And Download The hack Sims Mobile

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