Updated GTA 5 money dropper and dlc mods

gta 5 money dropper
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Modded dlc and new money dropper. If you want a money lobby message me on Skype Markie6464. Xbox360 only
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I was playing and there was a hacker online. I shot him many times, but he didn’t get hurt at all. So what I had to do is I reported him to Rockstar. Sometimes these hackers are good because they give money, and allot it to other players.

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24 thoughts to “Updated GTA 5 money dropper and dlc mods”

  1. Mr Rooney123  only the m and the r are in capitals and there is 1 space between Mr and Rooney123  and Rooney and 123 are 1 word

  2. Hey my little brother bought cigarettes on gta till I had no money can u give me some on xbox one as CHEESBERGER 1 and I just need money on xbox 360 so give me some at Verruct Soldat plz either one just send a friend request and invite plz 😜

  3. Aye I'm tired off doing all this work for I was wondering if you can do a modded money lobby on Xbox 360 my gamer tag is zonarymountain invite me or message me if u get this

  4. hey man i just got gta 5 like a mouth in a half ago and i just wanted to see if i can it into a money lobby love your video  i already subscribe and told my friends to do so as well unforionaly i have a twitter but my gamer tag is Youngbrice15 just wonder when the next time your doing a lobby hopefully sometime this week

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